Revolutionizing use of cloud technology and big data in reverse logistics

Proprietary software binds together a solution that serializes, diagnoses defects, captures repair data, creates dynamic pricing, and identifies appropriate sales channel to optimize yield and velocity.


Over 100 sellers, moving over 6 million units annually

A comprehensive returns management solution for retailers, e-commerce and manufacturers to TRANSPORT, PROCESS, SEGREGATE, REPAIR, AND SELL returned, excess, and distressed inventory.

Maximize Yield

and Velocity



Cloud Based




A hybrid sales channel for EVERY category, ANY volume.

Offline Stores Across

Resellers - Reach Over 300 Million People

Major Online Portal

Serialized tracking at SKU level drives a database that tracks every item, BY BRAND, BY CATEGORY, its defect, the fix, and its sales channel.


Over 10 million repair and refurbishment records across 250 brands

Using repair data creates one of the most efficient EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAMS in the country

Supported by a field services network that covers over 1200 cities

Sustainability DNA ensures e-waste compliance and a better future for our children